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Mike and his daughter Liz enjoying a glass of Mumms in Napa


The wine industry is heavily regulated and the legal issues can be complex.  All in California who wish to make or distribute wine – vineyards, wineries, restaurants, hotels, distributors and retailers – must comply with numerous local, state and federal laws affecting every aspect of their business.

As a successful California attorney for 37 years, I can help you with the challenging legal landscape associated with the manufacture and sale of wine.  Whether it be structuring your business; acquiring the location for your vineyard or winery; complying with zoning; complying with environmental laws; registering your business with the federal Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB); acquiring or transferring a license from California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC); registering your trademark; complying with wine bottle labeling laws; complying with regulations allowing you to sell your wine “direct-to-consumer” in your retail store, tasting room, or by mail/internet; or resolving disputes in courts or before government agencies, I have the knowledge and experience to handle your matter and handle it well.


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